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If a business or business that is required to provide a foreign language translation does not do so, the consumer may terminate the contract or contract (termination), in which case the law applicable to the termination of contracts applies.3 The consumer may terminate the contract even if it has been transferred to a financial institution; however, in this case, the consumer must contact the business or business of origin in order to obtain a refund of the amounts paid by him. If the consumer has received a good, the good must be returned to the original business or business. However, the law does not require translation into a foreign language for subsequent documents that have been or should be approved by the original contract or its amendments. Examples of documents that do not need to be translated include periodic statements, sales receipts, invoices, additional sales, or refinancings provided by or made in accordance with the original contract. A person in a business or enterprise who, in the context of concluding a contract with a consumer, negotiates mainly in Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese or Korean, must provide the consumer with a written translation of the proposed contract in the language of the negotiations.1 The translation must be an accurate translation of all the general terms and conditions of the contract or contract. This requirement under California law applies regardless of whether hearings are held orally or in writing. This Article shall not apply to contracts negotiated in one of the above-mentioned languages if the consumer has an interpreter.2 A patient statement translated into Spanish, Chinese and certain other languages shall be made available to all patients who speak those languages and live in long-term healthcare facilities, including qualified care facilities, intermediate care facilities and care facilities.8 According to the Performance, Delivery, Acceptance and Registration of the Lender`s Supplementary and Recognition Agreement from the date specified in the Addendum and the Lender`s Recognition Agreement, that existing lender will have an obligation set out therein, or another lender will become a lender with an obligation set forth therein and all rights and obligations of a lender with such an obligation under this Agreement. For employees of other executive agencies, replace the reference to point (c) of the acknowledgement of receipt/agreement to the GSA Supplementary Standards with a reference to the body concerned. These sample sentences are automatically selected from various online information sources to reflect the current use of the word “recognition.” The opinions expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us your feedback. Prepared by: Richard A.

Elbrecht, Supervising Counsel, Marla L. Scharf, Staff Counsel, Legal Services Unit. Last updated in May 2012 by Claire Yazigi, lawyer. At the same time and at the place where, after negotiation, a contract is concluded mainly in one of the foreign languages mentioned above, a reference to the rights of the consumer must be affixed. This notice must be written in the language of the negotiation and posted prominently. The notification must inform consumers of their rights under this law. Any portion of a compensation payment funded by funds deposited in the escrow account will be paid directly to the agent or as an agent directly from the escrow account in accordance with the terms of the escrow account confirmation agreement. The purpose of the law is to ensure that Californians who speak a language other than English have a real opportunity to read the foreign language translation of a proposed contract negotiated primarily in that language and to consult with others prior to signing the contract. It is never enough for the seller or creditor to give the translation to the foreign-speaking person after the performance (signature) of the contract. This notice should only be posted where the foreign language is used. (Notice does not have to be made by legal service providers or by persons who grant or arrange loans secured by real property.) The provisions relating to the review of Spanish translations of contracts by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs were repealed in 2001.9 It is not necessary to provide the foreign language translation for the following types of transactions: Upon execution, delivery, acceptance and registration of the applicable lender`s supplement and the recognition agreement from time to time after the applicable date of entry into force of the additional loan, any supplement The lender must have an additional lending obligation, as set out in the registry, as well as all the rights and obligations of a lender with such an additional lending obligation. The law, which requires the translation of negotiated contracts into a language other than English, applies to: If the contract includes a loan granted by a “supervised financial institution” such as a bank, savings association, credit union or personal finance corporation, the organization is only required to provide a foreign language translation of the credit-related disclosures provided by the federal law on truth in the A loan is required.

There is no need to submit a foreign language translation of the rest of the contract. Therefore, the foreign language translation should only include the amount financed, the APRC, the amount and due date of payments and other relevant credit information – the most important details that the average consumer would likely take into account before signing a contract. This Agreement will terminate with respect to mortgages or any part thereof transferred on the relevant Transfer Date, which is the date specified in the relevant Stand-By Agreement. However, the last exception only applies if the consumer`s interpreter is able to speak fluently and read both English and the foreign language with a full understanding. In addition, the interpreter must not be a minor (under 18 years of age). Nor may the interpreter be employed or made available by or through the person who carries out the trade or undertaking. When interpreting a contract governed by the Foreign Language Translation Act, the signed English contract sets out the rights and obligations of the parties. However, if there is a significant difference between the English contract and the translation into a foreign language, the law provides that this can demonstrate that no contract has ever been concluded. . NOTE: We try to make our legal guides correct at the time of publication, but these are only guidelines and not final statements of the law. Questions about the application of the law in certain cases should be directed to a specialist.

The Company must provide the Consumer with a foreign language translation of the original contract and all subsequent documents that modify the original contract or materially modify the rights and obligations of the parties. A notice of repossession and default under section 2983.2 of the Civil Code is a document that has a significant impact on a consumer`s rights under an automobile financing contract.4 This document is available on the Ministère`s website at This document can be copied if all of the following conditions are true: the meaning of the copied text is not changed; The credit is granted to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs; and all copies are distributed free of charge. “Thanks Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Retrieved 4 January 2022. The situation is different with pre-printed car leasing contracts made available to dealers by potential transferees such as banks or leasing companies. The potential assignee must provide the Merchant with a Spanish translation of the entire Rental Agreement at the Request of the Dealer.5 The Merchant will then provide this translation to the Spanish-speaking Customer. Nglish: Translation of acknowledgments of receipt for Spanish speakers The translation into a foreign language must be given to the consumer before the consumer signs the contract. The seller or creditor must provide the consumer with the translation into a foreign language, whether the consumer likes it or not. The foreign language translation must include the proposed contractual conditions such as the purchase price, financing costs, payment amount, etc.