Appendix T5 (Temporary Worker) International Agreement Worker


For contractual service providers and the self-employed, the maximum length of stay is significantly shorter. These workers are granted a period of residence of up to 6 months over a period of 12 months, unless they fall into one of the following categories: The Level 5 or (T5) International Work Visa is intended for foreign nationals working in the UK who are covered by international law or a contract, including employees of foreign governments or private employees, who work in diplomatic households. This visa category is intended for employees of foreign governments or recognized international organizations that are not exempt from immigration control. Before issuing a T5 International Agreement worker visa as a foreign employee of a foreign government or a recognised international organisation, the UKVI Home Office will check whether the employee is entitled to an exempt sticker. If they are not exempt, they can be sponsored on the way to the International Agreement Worker Visa. T5 International Agreement Visa is under international law to work for a foreign government or as a private servant in a diplomatic household. Under the UK`s points-based immigration system, there are a number of short-term visas that allow foreign nationals to work temporarily in the UK as long as they are sponsored by an approved sponsor. The T5 International Agreement Worker Visa is one of those sponsorship visas that allows individuals to provide a service in the UK under a contractual agreement covered by international law. You will need to apply for and obtain an entry permit for creatives or sportsmen before you arrive in the UK. You must have a sponsorship certificate and at least £1,270 to support yourself financially. You can apply for an entry permit for a T5 International Agreement work visa as a Contract Service Provider (CSS) if you are employed by a company based outside the UK that has a contract to provide services to its sponsor in the UK.

When a sponsor issues a Sponsorship Certificate (CoS) to a Contractual Service Provider (CSS), it guarantees that the service falls within the scope of the obligations of the corresponding agreement under which it provides a service. You can apply for a visa for a T5 international agreement if you are contractually obliged to work during your stay in the UK, para. B example for a foreign government or as a private servant in a diplomatic household. People in the UK who are on another immigration route are not allowed to switch to the international agreement workers` route (change immigration category). Those who are already in the UK on the road to the International Labour Agreement can apply to extend their stay up to the maximum allowed duration in order to continue the same job if they meet the requirements. According to the international agreement, the maximum period for which a worker who has concluded an international agreement can stay in the United Kingdom is generally between 6 months and 2 years. A person who is on the road to the International Agreement may stay for a maximum period of six months and two years, depending on the international agreement. There are temporary workers who want to come to the UK for a short period of up to 12 months or 24 months (in two situations). The Level 5 visa category comprises 5 sub-categories, namely the following: In particular, the T5 International Agreement Worker Visa is intended to allow migrant workers to come to the United Kingdom to contribute to the achievement of international objectives, whether in an employment role covered by international law or to provide a service under a relevant trade for services agreement. IA 14.8. If the applicant is sponsored as a private domestic worker in a diplomatic household, IA 14.7.b) does not prevent the applicant from taking up domestic work in a household other than that indicated in the sponsorship certificate.

There are various temporary employment pathways where UK employers can hire foreign nationals in a variety of short-term roles designed to help achieve a number of different goals. These include itineraries for creative or sports workers, charity workers, religious workers, state-authorized exchange workers, and seasonal workers. After submitting a valid application from outside the UK and providing all supporting documents and biometric information, the potential worker should receive a decision on their T5 visa within 3 weeks, although UKVI`s processing times may vary depending on workload and factors such as pandemic-related restrictions. An application may take longer, for example, if other documents are required or if the applicant must attend an interview. You can apply for an entry permit for a T5 International Agreement work visa as a private servant in a diplomatic household if you have been sponsored by the British sponsor for your services as a private servant. If the applicant applies for an overseas entry permit or has been in the UK on this route for less than 12 months when applying for a T5 visa extension, they will need to provide proof of money. If the applicant does not have funds, the applicant`s sponsor must instead confirm on the sponsorship certificate that they will receive and host the sponsored worker for an amount of at least £1,270 at the end of the first month of their employment or service contract. The Sponsor may do so by completing the “Sponsor Certifies Interview” section before awarding its Sponsorship Certificate to the applicant. A Level 5 job may include a variety of short-term roles as part of the T5 temporary employment route, specifically tailored to cultural, charitable, religious or international destinations or the needs of the UK edible horticulture sector. You must apply for the Creative or Sports Workers Route before you arrive in the UK and obtain an entry permit (unless CSP 3.2 is applicable). You must prove that your intention to assume the role for which the position has been assigned to you is genuine and that you will not assume any other role. You must have at least £1,270 to support yourself financially (unless you are exempt).

When a sponsor issues a CoS to employees of foreign governments and international organisations, it guarantees the applicant: Annex T5 of the UK immigration systems lists the eligibility requirements, the required documents, the rule for Level 5 nationals, etc. .